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Humboldt Cannabis College is currently located in Garberville, Humboldt County, California. Classes are held in various locations throughout the Emerald Triangle.

Students in our program learn the health conditions which can be helped by cannabis use as well as the various compounds (i.e. cannabinoids) which produce health benefits.  Students are informed of any published scientific or medical reports regarding the health benefits of cannabis.

Our basic horticulture program covers the fundamentals, such as the botany of a cannabis plant, soil, nutrients, water, light, pest and pathogens.  We also compare clones and seeds and indoor and outdoor methods focusing on sustainable organic gardening.

In our advanced classes we offer more in depth technical information on pests, pathogens and nutrients for the experienced gardener.

We bring in expert attorneys, speakers, and activists who provide historical and political context for the current dynamic state of the law.


707 Cannabis College does not promote illegal cultivation, sales, or use of cannabis. That is why we strongly urge you to take our classes to get the latest in developments and laws concerning medical marijuana and the cannabis industry.



The 2017 calendar will be available soon!

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